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Selecting a Managed Services Provider: Buy Local

When it comes to selecting a Managed Services Provider, look locally before trusting your business's most valued assets (your data) to a distant provider with little or no local presence. Many of the large MSPs provide generic IT services and don't offer the personal service often required to seamlessly integrate those services into not only your IT operations, but also your business and its culture.

Working with local MSPs should be a primary consideration when looking to outsource all or part of your IT operations. Not only will you receive the cost savings benefits of outsourcing, you should receive much better service. MSPs only stay in business if their customers are happy and have to earn their "paycheck" on a daily basis.

When contracting with local providers, you are not dealing with nameless, faceless organizations. Working with a company that cares about your business and where success is based on performance is what makes for a mutually beneficial relationship.

If you are a business in the Boston or New England area looking to enhance or outsource your IT department, buy locally! You will receive the freshest services available! :)

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