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Remote User Support (Help Desk)

No need to staff an in house Help Desk for computer problems.   We are experts in remote troubleshooting software and hardware problems.  We install our monitoring and support agent on all covered devices so we can quickly gain access and resolve any end user issues quickly minimizing lost productivity.


$100 per user/month, minimum of 5 users up to 100 users.

Discounts may be available depending on your environment.  Contact us if you have over 100 users.

Managed Services

Our Managed Services offerings ensure you never have any downtime! We monitor hundreds of variables per device continuously and can alert you for any triggered event.  $100 per month per device.  Devices can be network switches, servers, desktops, routers and most other devices.

Server Hosting

Let us host a server or your entire datacenter.  Dedicated virtual servers start at $199.00 per month (one processor, 8 GB RAM, 500 GB storage, 50 Mbps Internet connection).

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888 RITS-LLC (888-748-7552)

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